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 Rover 25848      
Seen in July 2005 at the Melbourne Tank Museum is this CMP based Rover armoured car belonging to another collector.
In an interesting coincidence the data plate is one later than this dash. Dash plate arrangement is different to a cab 12.
Front mudguards are intact and genuine although the bumper has been replaced.
John Belfield pointed out the access to the engine from inside the cab is limited by the fact the side panels aren't openable unlike later Rovers and other cab 12s. Unfortunately much rusting has taken place.
Sitting on the rear is this Canadian Top and Body Coy. box.
Other Rover remains exist in Western Australia.

The following images are from Rod Diery's website. The vehicle on the left is Hull number (and ARN) 77641, a converted Mk 2 Rover which Rod acquired in 1998.

Rod acquired this hull from the Army Museum at Nungarin, Western Australia.
These hulls were pictured in 1998 by Rod at the Army Museum at Nungarin, Western Australia. The hull above right is one of these which was the only Mk 2 version.