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In 2003 this vehicle was purchased from Colin Anderson at auction, taken to Adelaide where it was restored. Thanks to Bob Mosely for these pictures.
The interior has been comprehensively kitted out.
77677, only parts remain. In Jim Bennie's collection, Strathmerton, Vic. Jim has an interesting story about how he found this by barking his shin on it - it was partly buried under a Peppercorn tree, and when looking down to see what had damaged his leg noticed a serial stencilled onto some armour. No problems with the identity.
Bolted to a Cab 13 was this surprise - a Rover dash panel. And an even bigger surprise is to come across the next Rover in line - this one located at the Melbourne Tank Museum belonging to another collector. Note how the engine serial is 83 units earlier.
This Rover (ARN 77563) formerly belonged to John Belfield and is now at the Army Tank Museum at Puckapunyal, rebuilt by John Belfield, then preserved rather than restored.