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 Rover Armoured Car    Related page: Dingo light scout car.  
Based on a Ford cab 12 F60L chassis, the Australian Rover Armoured car was not a big success, being overweight and having poor cross-country performance, only 238 were built from late 1941. There were two basic variants, the Mk 1, or long wheelbase and Mk2 which used a shortened F60L chassis of 134 1/4".

With a crew of 5 they earned the knickname of "mobile slit trench" because of their appearance. Their main use was in crew training.
Hulls were built by both the Victorian Railways workshops and Ruskin Motor Bodies. The last was delivered in September 1943.

Late pattern Rover dash. Early models had standard cab 12 type switchplates.
From Stellan Bojerud comes this image of another Rover, unfortunately the ARN isn't legible.
John Belfield has the remains of two Rovers, from wich he plans to build one example.
Now in Adelaide, these pictures of Colin Anderson's cosmetically restored Rover were taken at his auction in 2003.
It has since been restored in Adelaide and pictures can be seen on page 2 of Rover armoured cars.