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A C15A comes out from inside      

Roger Richards is normally more at home in the cockpit of his CAC Winjeel radial engined trainer, but in April 2003 bad weather forced him to stop at Wangaratta Airport where, in the hangar he found this Chevrolet C15A. Some quick negotiating with former owner Malcom Long (A Hudson owner) found Roger the new owner and he had the truck floated back to Melbourne. The truck has an interesting history - once part of a museum in Queensland and for many years in Wangaratta displayed with the Joe Drage collection of aircraft, it has spent the past 40 or so years under cover and was restored some 25 years ago, driven once then stored.

Roger plans to replace welsh plugs in the engine and overhaul the brake hydraulics and get the truck on the road. We will follow the progress with interest.

April 2005 update: Roger has offered this truck for sale due to needing to reduce his collection.

Very little to find or do to the truck to get it on the road. The truck has a Ford roof but plans are in hand to remedy this with the correct Chev Sunshine roof. The rear body needs some work as the wheel arch tubs have been removed. The whole vehicle has been sandblasted and is very straight and rust-free.    
Roger and his son Matt have a wealth of experience with old military aircraft will now learn the intricacies of a WW2 truck.
Interior is excellent and mostly complete although the welsh plugs in the engine need replacement. NOS wiring has been used throughout.    
Even the overflow tank is NOS and the part number has been masked when the truck was resprayed. The two front tyres are also NOS in apparently good condition.    
Serial number stamped on the front left chassis rail indicates this vehicle was the 312th built in Sydney in 1942.The truck came with a data plate from a C15.