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 Russell Jenkins collection      
Russell lives South of Adelaide in picturesque Willunga, and has quite a collection of Ford CMP and MCP vehicles. Russell is a bus man, and has also preserved a number of rare buses from the 1940s and 50s.
Whilst Ford products predominate the collection, there are one or two Chevs, such as this excellent C60L GS dropside with winch, obviously an ex-fire service vehicle.
The trucks were parked a bit close together but I managed to get this shot inside the Chev to show the original rear canvas blind, which tied on the outside, unlike Ford who did it the opposite way. The hanging straps are to tie it up, or open. Looks like it probably had the canvas side curtain bag too at the time it was painted red. Dash of a F15A seen in the following pictures.
This F15A has also seen service as a tender. It's a mid 1944 production vehicle and unusually for a F15A has been fitted with the inserts for canvas doors, which have since been reskinned with light steel.
This excellent 1945 F60L is unrestored and driveable, with fully functioning brakes. What a gem for a restoration project. It's stayed this way by always being stored inside, and what a difference it makes. It's been fitted with 12.00-20 ACCO type tyres. This is one of the fairly rare late versions with the scotch hook on the front spring hanger.
Russell maintains this one in roadworthy condition.
Another project is this F15 Van-6 Canadian built and assembled vehicle. Look at the fantastic original condition of the box.
K line International, with an original body, another ex-fire vehicle.
This is a Ford Marmon-Herrington 6X6 Workshop No. 3A
Whilst the exterior still shows khaki paint, the interior has had a coat of deep bronze green at some time. Another bonnet from a Ford Lorry, this one exhibiting RAAF markings.