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 Western Desert Blenheims      
This group of photographs feature Bristol Blenheims and other aircraft which have belly landed in the Western Desert in North Africa.
The markings indicate a South African squadron. This aircraft appears not to have belly landed but might have been badly battle damaged. The "rig" is a Commer Q2 with Queen Mary trailer. A restored one can be found here. A different Blenheim this time. The aircraft is lifted so the undercarriage can be manually cranked down.
A couple of portraits in front of a crash landed Blenheim.
A burnt out Vickers Wellington.
Dummy AA installation. A Merlin engined Handley-Page Hallifax undergoing maintenance. The aircraft in the background is a Liberator.
Hawker Hind. Vickers Valetta which was used as an air ambulance.
A belly landed Curtiss Tommahawk has been lifted back onto the undercarriage. A Hawker Hurricane.
A group of Wellingtons. The aircraft on the right, "Little Joe" is interesting having had the forward turret removed.