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Reference images

Sometimes a 500 pixel image just isn't enough. Here's a selection of links to much larger reference images which are generally at least 1000 pixels wide jpeg files. So beware... they are slow to load if you have a 56k dialup service.

Ford vehicles

Chevrolet vehicles

Ford FGT #8 Australian pattern
Left rear 3/4 view

C60L GS Cab 13

Ford FGT #9 Australian pattern images:
1 Front high angle
2 LH 3/4 front
3 RH Side
4 Parade ground high angle
(4 tractors visible asd well as a Canadian pattern F15)

C15A Sunshine roof

Cab 13 F15A with sunshine roof

Cab 13 F60S Bofors 132057
Cab 13 F15 Personnel carrier
CGT #6 Bofors tractor