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Rick Cove's C60X story      
Rick has kindly provided these photographs and the interesting story behind them.      

Background from Rick:


142144 Mount Alfred Timber Mills DUKW bogie on Jinker. 142144 Mount Alfred Timber Mills C1950    
Chassis No. 1000036 as found Boral Taylor Granite rock quarry At home with C15 ex- G.P, Motors RACV    
This pic shows the winch from the C60X fited to the C15.      
C60X breakdown body at Mount Alfred Timber Mills as storage shed.      
The uncovered body reveals rollover damage at the top of the roof and gantry.      
The body at home - note the rifle racks and the damage to the gantry upright. Serial 142144 matches with the 1950s shots of the truck at top.    
Chassis No. 1000036 "undressed" in 1993.Original 7.50X20 tyres. Cabin Number 25. The work crane used to fit the body. The dogbox is already in place.    
  Off for a test run, 1993. The GMH build plate is on the box below the door.    
  DUKW attached to the fifth wheel of the Chev at Pretty Sally Hill, Hume Highway. This hill was a real challenge in the 1950s - these were brave men!    
GMC with DUKW at the top of Pretty Sally. The DUKW is on the log jinker. The DUKWs were purchased for their rear bogies which were used for timber jinkers. The spare engined were used in the GMCs.      
ARN 136574.