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Rick Cove collection

Rick's collection of armour.

See also some pics from Rick's photo album

Rick Cove is a long-time collector of military vehicles who lives in Paynesville in East Gippsland. In June 2003 Euan McDonald visited him and took these pictures.      
This is a cab 12 F60L serving as a storage chassis for Rick's Recuperator body. The Recuperator came from Hughes Trading and Rick rescued it in the last stages of the clearing of the Hughes yard in 2001. The longest CMP fuel tank ever?    
This pic was one I took in the 1970s of the same body. The official pic of the Recuperator on a F60L chassis. The Recuperator was designed for work on the recuperator of gun recoil mechanism.Mike Cecil, Senior Curator of Military Technologyof the Australian War Memorial gives more detail: "The 'Truck, 3-ton, Recuperator (Aust)' was specifically for servicing the buffer and recuperator system on artillery pieces. The Buffer is normally a hydro-pneumatic system with something like 600psi of inert gas pressure as well as the oil. It took a specilaised vehicle to be able to bleed the recoil mechanism on a gun, as well as recharge it once the repair or servicing was completed. The Recuperator truck has an overhead gantry to allow the barrel to be swung inside the rear doors, and a RIX multi stage compressor mounted on the front of the body between the body and the truck cabin. There is also provision for gas bottles along one wall "    
Interiors of the recuperator. This is the left side with the spare wheel box visible.      
Some interiors of the F60L. Someone once went to a lot of trouble rewiring and labelling.    
  25 pounder.    
Rick also has quite a collection of armour.