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 Quickway crane      
In 1943 the Australian Army acquired at least one Quickway Crane mounted on a Coleman Truck chassis. In 2006 one turned up near Ballarat in Victoria, discovered by Rowan Gamble. Unfortunately this interesting vehicle was scrapped in June 2006.
Here it is. It certainly wouldn't win a beauty competition, would it. The Quickway part is rotated almost 180 degrees. This is what it looked like when new. Apparently about 2,200 were built for the US armed forces during the war and were used in many diverse parts of the world as a result.
The plan is if nobody comes to save it soon, it will be cut up where it stands. Quickway were known as builders of shovels, as their name implies, based in Colorado, USA. The company was established in the 1920s but is no longer around.
Rear view of the truck with the front of the Quickway crane cab.