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 Post-war assembled CMPs      
Following the War, Ford Australia still had a large number of CMPs in crates, at least some of which were sold and assembled by private companies. Typically they all are "Ford Canada" versions, and have coachbuilt cabs with windscreens sloping the wrong way. This page is a collection of images mostly from other parts of this site illustrating these vehicles. Clicking on each image takes you to the page on which they appear.
Photograph taken by Euan McDonald of a F60 in John Belfield's collection.
Seen at Warburton, 1970. This one of the first photographs I took of a CMP. I had no idea what it was but it had a certain appeal... This is a slightly more elaborate version, not unlike the HUP prototype arrangement with a short door. Note F60L cab 12s in background. Atmospheric shot with cab 12 in foreground. Even as a teenager I recall I found the whole scene incredibly captivating.
This one was at Feiglins Timberyard in Nunawading in the early 70s. I recall Sam Feiglin telling me this one came out of a crate - they assembled it and built the cab themselves.