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 Vermont, USA auction      
In June 2004 a collection was auctioned in Vermont, USA. John Purdy was there and kindly provided us with these images. Unusually, there was a CMP there.
It's a Ford F15A looking quite straight, although suffering the effects of metal worm. John commented that the garage owner had it running by the Saturday morning.
Front wheel arch showing signs of winter salt. The splash shield has been cut too. Interior boasts something not seen in Aussie Blitzes - a heater!
Unusual gearbox setup to drive a winch (?). As the Ford gearbox power takeoff is on the other side of the gearbox, was this driven from the front of the transfer case? Remains of a vinyl seat cover - not an original.
The engine cover is there as well as the driver's door. Nice straight front shell - and the original Ford badge.
Also there was this Intenational Harvester M-5-6 which John says ran like a charm.