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Chevrolet HUP prototype


This unique vehicle is owned by Brian Gough in Ontario, Canada. Brian came to find this vehicle through an Australian, Rod Diery who noticed an ad and contacted Brian.
Built around the same time as the other cab 13 prorotypes, this vehicle has many features which didn't make it into production. The first detail is the rear body slopes slightly towards the top. It also has double full width rear doors rather than the single rear door of the production HUPs. All windows had glass, with the doors gaining wind up windows. To accomplish this the front doors needed to be narrower than the production versions to accommodate the glass in it's lower position.
Doors used a raised pattern... ...and it's now clear the circle in the centre of CMP doors may have been to accommodate the winding handle
The truck had been fitted out as a school bus with the left-hand doors sealed to prevent children getting out on the wrong side. interior has been pretty much stripped.
The vehicle has many areas of rust, but it's in excellent hands with Brian who will restore it. The front roof hatch is a sliding type using the same mechanism as the larger rear one which did make it through to production.
Fuel tanks had internal fillers.
Brian found these two photographs of the prototype in the GM photo album, but only in the background. This is photograph #507.
It is assumed it was used for some time as a factory hack before being disposed of. Vehicle on left is another HUP. Both pictures are believed to have been taken October 29th, 1941.
Photograph #495
Foreground vehicle is an Otter. This was taken in the yard outside the Oshawa factory in Ontario which is where most of the official GM factory photos were taken.