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Data plates

Vehicle identification plates differ not only between Chevrolet and Ford but also seem to differ according to production run. Here are a few examples.
Light alloy data plate from Australian produced C15 Personnel Carrier with model WO3. No provision for date of manufacture or contract number, although the serial deontes it was 310th built in Melbourne in 1942.. Two data plates courtesy of Hanno Spoelstra - the above belongs to a C15 photographed by Sten Boye Poulsen while travelling in South Africa. Have a look at the C15 page for a pic of the truck. Below is from a surviving truck in South America (also courtesy of Sten Boye Poulsen)
Brass data plate from C60L, WO 52. Again, no provision for date or contract. It is the 1,248th built in Melbourne.
A different format, still in brass dating from 1944. Interestingly, it has a P suffix to the chassis serial rather than the more usual M or S denoting a Perth assembled truck. From Mike Kelly comes this data plate from his C8 (cab 11) Link to Infoex entry
2 Ford cab 12 data plates, both F60L, but the one at right has the contract details, but neither a date of manufacture which would have been during 1941.
Ford Cab 13 F60S plate - interestingly it has WATER faintly stamped after the chassis serial. Max Hedges collection
Max Hedges collection Max Hedges collection, the 807th built in Melbourne.
Seen on Ebay, Feb 2002