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Photographic competition winners      

It's been very gratifying to see the number of entries in the photographic competition and there were many pictures which I felt worthy of mention. As a photographer myself I usually look critically at the technical aspects of framing, composition, exposure and so on, but this subject is beyond these things and here one goes more on the emotional impact a particular shot has. I decided there were so many deserving pictures submitted I'd have to choose honorable mentions for each category.

To refresh your minds, the categories were:

Action, Restored, and Discoveries.
There is one overall winner and a viewers choice who will also receive their choice of a Year of the Blitz video or a Ford F15 drivers handbook.

Honorable mention:      


"Ripe for restoration" by Max Hedges. I particularly liked the way the flat spots weren't in the usual places. One can imagine the ride you'd get!


By Mark Sierant has been a favourite of mine for a while

In the Action category:      


I loved the entire action series sent in by Brian Gough, and particularly the motion blur on the cab as it comes over. How many times must this scene have been repeated all over the world in the past 50 plus years?


By Max Hedges of his F15A near the Painted Desert in Outback Australia is one of the most evocative pictures I've seen of a CMP. In fact, the whole series of photographs is excellent and shows CMP travel on a scale rarely encountered now. I also really liked M15, another pic of the F15A with a Canadian flag and a pair of Canucks in Australia. C'mon, you guys, when are more of you coming to see us?

In the restored section, these pictures rate an honorable mention:      


This is a particularly atmospheric picture of a C60L by Stephen Davis. The vignetted lighting and moody colours add up to a great shot.


Coincidentally of the same truck, but taken at Puckapunyal by Richard Farrant. This shot also has a great caption"Sgt. Jacquie Cox, RACT is driving John Oldenmenger's Chev C60....screams could be heard as she was jolted about the cab having entered the water rather fast."

This pic could also have gone into the action segment.

And now to the major awards.      





This picture was submitted by Roger Clarke and his caption complements the ridiculous nature of the vehicle well:
"The release of this photo is in clear breach of Australian Secrecy Laws. Avid Blitz cognisenti will recognise it as a Mk 46 model.But this one is finished in Stealth Purple (note the radar deflecting lattice work sides - a rare modification) and saw action in the Gulf War ferrying cappuccinos to troops at the front (the hub caps are of course a give-away here). Keen Blitz spotters will have noted that this is the model fitted with an Underwater Exemplicator and you can just see the mountings for the Death-O-Scope. This model never fired a shot in anger although the driver once threw a tantrum."

Well done, Roger, your jar of vegemite will be forwarded to you.


From Mike Kelly I loved this story of a runaway Signals van:

"The cut down sigs van . notice the front axle is missing , the truck rolled down a hill into a creek , shearing off the springs ! my brother was sitting in it at the time ! he jumped out just in time"

Mike, I have a D60L handbook for you.






The clear winner from the viewers perspective was this amazing picture taken in the 1960s in New South Wales by an American photographer for a book called "The Australians". It received 3 first choices and one second choice from Hanno - second only because it was printed across the trench of the book. Here are some comments from viewers on why they chose this particular image. This is also one of my personal favourite pictures. I remember the first time I saw this picture was around 1970 when I saw the book in the school library. It comes a verrrrry close second for me to the final winner.

from Jason Philps: "Because it shows the Blitz as a workhorse, not a plaything. It serves to remind of how these vehicles served the nation well after their military use-by date."

Geoff Winnington-Ball comments: "Purely for the raw drama, Picture #A5. Nothing could be closer to the war experience that the old girl was designed for. The photo is magnificent. As in war, in peace."


By Max Hedges again. This picture scored two first preferences and a second.

Bob C comments: "M16 is post card pefect.....1st choice"

Luis Mariano La Paz: "when seeing this picture my imagination it takes me to the North Africa when the 8° British Army it pushed to the africakorps toward Tunisia "




Taken by Jan Thompson and forwarded by Stephen Davis. This scored i first and two seconds.

Euan McDonald comments:"Aaron bogged again. this reminds me of myself at that age (still)"

Brian Gough adds: "The Crocodile Hunter"


And the overall winner?.... Turn the page...