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Chevrolet C60L Panton Hills

These pictures were taken in August 2002 on a short trip with Matt Boyle hunting timber for my deck at home. The Blitz is in a derelict state and has obviously been there some years. Some vandalism has taken place.
Model WO82A, this is a 1943 truck built by Holden in Sydney. See the database for other WO82 vehicles
Not much of use on the cab - possibly just the right mudguard.
Original winch and handbrake. The transfer case retains it's original power takeoff engaging mechanism.
Interior shows the evidence of vandalism. The dash is an early commercial type modified to take round military style instruments. Note the shovel bracket located in an unusual place behind the driver.
Not often you get to see a Koala in the wild... this is a sleepy place indeed.