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Ford FGT, Panton Hills      
This former Australian pattern #9 Ford Field Artillery Tractor has been in the same ownership for the past 25 or so years, doing tractor and crane duty on a hilly property between Kangaroo Ground and Panton Hills.  Update 21/4/2004: Based on the engine serial, this truck's ARN is 130731.    
Looking a lot like a F15A on it's 16" wheels, this is in fact a genuine Gun Tractor, with an unusual body chop to be made into a yard crane. Colin, it's owner commented the chains are a necessity on his hilly property.
The distinctive modification to the cab is very similar to a FGT I photographed in Bill Drew's yard in the 1970s, so this was possibly one he did back in the late 60s.
The winch is intact as are most of the rear fairleads, but it is missing the rearmost roller. The chassis has been bent just aft of the rear spring mounts. The truck has been converted to 12 volt power and runs very quietly. For comparison, here's a FGT converted by Bill Drew in the late 1960s. This shot was taken around 1973. I wonder whether this could be the same truck?  
Years of damp ground have taken their toll on the driver's door.      
Typical FGT feature, the ammunition box for the LMG mounted on the inside left mudguard. The original data plate is still there.