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 The Back of Beyond "Open Air" F60L Cab 12 replica      
The Back of Beyond, a 1954 Australian classic film featured two trucks; the 1936 Leyland Badger and a 1941 Ford F60L Cab 12. The original truck is buried somewhere on Pandie Pandie Station, so Alan Wright decided he wanted a replica.
Rebuilt by Don Warner, a long-time restorer of military vehicles, this is very close to the original Cab 12, noted in the Back of Beyond script as the "Open Air".
Engine runs very sweetly.
Alan is a tall man and asked Don to extend the steering wheel for a bit more room.
This is an unusual plate. Wide shot of Marree with the Cab 12 in the far left and Jeff Fullwood's C60L centre frame.
Attracting the curious outside the famous Marree pub. With bonnet (hood) removed in Back of Beyond trim.