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An arcticized Chevrolet C15A in New Zealand

Myra's cab 12
These pictures came to me from Brian and Myra
Data plate shows 16 Aug 1944 fitted with raw fuel injection (100 octane), cooling system heater and flock lined cab, battery is inside cab and is heated. Heater runs off fuel tank while vehicle is not running. Has GMC circular guage type dash. This model is reasonably rare in NZ. I only know of 4 of this dash style and no other arcticized vehicles. The other 3 have no arctic fittings in them whatsoever.

"This vehicle is unusual here in NZ because it is of complete Canadian constuction. Most decks on CMPs here are of local construction. Holmes and workshop trucks are the only exceptions we know of.

We refer to CMP's here as Puddle Jumpers, usually regardless of chassis length, although the 101" was where the name came from."