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S/Ldr Neil Smith photographs

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Close up from the same sequence seen on right of a Beaufighter firing it's 4 20mm cannon. The smoke from the cannon is visible.      
Neil tells me the technique was to walk the fire from the 20mm up to the ship which ensured hits from the 60 Lb rockets. The firepower from a salvo of 6 rockets was roughly equivalent to a broadside from a Cruiser.      
Another dramatic image taken by the observer asNeil's rockets strike home. The overshoot splashes from the 20mm are visible. Flak bursts above target, Den Helder, September 25th 1944    
Off Den Helder, September 25th 1944 Den Helder, September 25th 1944 and the rockets are on their way.    
  The German ships would tuck themselves in to the walls of the fijord. Note the flak burst. This type of flying was extremely demanding.