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These images come to us from an album owned by S/L Lazarus, whose brother served in the Middle East
This treasure trove spans several pages of his photo album and features the aircraft of the 380th BG based mainly at Fenton in the Northern Territory of Australia during 1944.
A site in the US has some similar photographs . It's worth a look...

Aircraft index
Carrot Top was a 528th Bomb Squadron B-24J-10-CO serial 42-73114
Wolf Pack was a B24D-C.O.25 serial 41-24268
Earlier shot of K.O. Kid taken by Ed Crabtree.
Squaw Peak was a 529th Bomb Squadron B-24J-180-CO serial 42-40801, this picture taken around February 1945.
This is a pic of Dauntless Dottie, flown by William Shek of 528 Squadron. His son, Bill sent another pic of this aircraft along with some information: "That photo is of my father's B-24, the "Dauntless Dottie". The name is painted on the other side of the nose, and the figure was only painted on the right side."