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About 40km from Drouin in Gippsland is the hilly timber town of Noojee. Once home to many CMPs their numbers have dwindled to almost none. In February 2003 I visited and photographed this rusty F15A once used for hauling timber.      
This truck is really only suitable for parts, sadly. The bumper was torn off when the owner tried to move it with a tractor a few years ago. Something must be badly seized somewhere. He said she ran like clockwork and always started easily.    
  The ownre who bought the truck around 1970 for $700. He added the Gar Wood chain driven winch. The truck last ran about 20 years ago and he claims he's been offered $500 for it. Good luck to him!    
This cab was once a sunshine roof variety.      
Two real gems and unusual to find on a wreck like this - the horn and button.      
Publications plate amongst the remains of the cab roof. Dented but still handy Ford oval.