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No6 (Aust) Bofors tractor  Related pages: Ron Fry's Tractor. Three tractors in South Australia.    
These are some of the official factory images of the GMH produced Bofors artillery tractor, designed to tow the trailer mounted Bofors anti-aircraft artillery.      
Two pictures of the C60S-based #6 Bofors tractor. This example is fitted with the Australian "sunshine roof" modification which interestingly has camouflage pattern unlike the rest of the truck which was probably painted khaki green. Note the finger marks on the door. Unlike the example below this is not fitted with a winch.
This may well be the pilot model, and was photographed at Wesley College, Melbourne. It carries "trade" plates.
The crew doors were the same as the CGT #8 and #9 (Aust).    
This is a handsome vehicle with accommodation for the gun crew as well as a seat for the trailer brake operator on the rear deck. This batch of pictures were taken at a Holden factory.