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My vehicles

Early days
We spent ages getting this one running. It was a F60S used by Agra Pest Control with a tanker on the back which had run out of control backwards with a full tank of spray which had ruined the rear chassis. Tony and I hacksawed the rear chassis off and relocated the spring hangars to make it into a short wheelbase. With only one of 4 brakes working we bravely (foolishly) drove it short distances.. That's me beside the door. Here it is running in the middle of Morrison Court, North Box Hill.
Tony Wheeler (left) and I enjoy fish and chips on top of my first blitz. Self protrait at age 15.    
One of the first CMPs my friend Tony Wheeler bought - a F60L rather battered but with a good engine. It cost $60.00 in 1973.

Ford F60L with winch and F15A with FGT running gear at home in Eltham, Vic. The F60L has since been sold.
F15A I once briefly owned, It had a very straight rust-free cab but had been fitted with a later 8BA V8 (right)
Taken 2002 whilst collecting the F15 from Sunbury. The sign is rather appropriate!