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Moss Vale 2002

In June 2002 Max Hedges took me to see an interesting collection of wrecks in an old sawmill near Moss Vale in the Illawarra od New South Wales. Although everything was "for sale" prices seem to be $500 for any small wreck and $5000 for anything larger, for instance the International K5 had good parking lights which were going to cost Max $500. Silly, isn't it, but how often have we come across places like this?
The main feature of this place is the 3 Marmon-Herringtons, all rare and all in very poor incomplete condition.
1942 M-H 6X6 with modified (non driven) front axle. This was probably a "Lorry, 3 ton Breakdown (Aust) No 3A"
Another 4X4 Marmon on the scrap heap.
10.50 18 tyres, ex Marmon Herrington.
More Moss Vale pics