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In Narre Warren near Melbourne a most extraordinary one-man effort exists representing a lifetime of collecting, consisting of several hundred military vehicles, some restored, some in a storage field. This page looks at some of the non CMP soft skin vehicles.
NB: In April 2006 the contents of the shed are to be auctioned
The Melbourne Tank Museum is loacted at 456 Belgrave-Hallam Rd
Narre Warren North
VIC, 3804
Ph: (03) 9796 8188
Narre Warren North
John has many Dodge Weapons Carriers in storage. Winch equipped Weapons CarrierVIC, 3804
Dodge row with a sad looking Command Car in the centre, the body of which was discovered some 600 km from the chassis. Dodge Weapons Carrier
Another view of Dodge row with a Canadian Dodge D15      
John also has a number of Marmon-Herrington vehicles. This one a LP3A gun tractor with a Canadian CMP body perched on the back. Another 4X4 Marmon Herrington gun tractor.