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 Melbourne Tank Museum outside collection 2005    Related pages: MTM in 2001 John Belfield's album - White recovery. Staghounds in the 60s.
Guy Quad Ant remains, and the other more intact one in the museum. There are also a couple of pictures of a C60X in the museum.
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In July 2005 I visited the Belfield collection with Chris Zimmerli who was visiting from Switzerland and had a look at the outside storage. John Belfield commented the collection has "thinned out" a bit but he's still collecting and restoring, for example a Linn tractor.
NB: In April 2006 the contents of the shed are to be auctioned
Australian Army White Scout Car modified for the AOP role. There are still several "Pievans", or Wireless Signals remains here.
This one looks like it's been used for food delivery. The interior has been lined.
Water damage. There's not much even to salvage once the roof goes.
Overflow tank on one of the C15 Wireless trucks. John commented it was really tidy when he recovered it. Unusual folded lower section on these NOS mudguards.
Dodge Command Car has been cut in half. Sad weapons carrier, literally!
Breakdown body as fitted to the M-H 6X6 and C60X. It has a nicely designed system where an engine can be removed from a vehicle and loaded straight in to be worked on.