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MTM in 2001 John Belfield's album - White recovery. Staghounds in the 60s.
Guy Quad Ant remains, and the other more intact one in the museum. There are also a couple of pictures of a C60X in the museum.

John's static display Jeep. He bought this at Colin Anderson's auction in March 2003. Pre-auction estimate:$3-6k Sale hammer price:$12k World War 1 18 pounder limber. Pre-auction estimate:$1-2k Sale hammer price:$4k
Unrestored Bedford MW. Pre-auction estimate:$2-4k Sale hammer price:$11k Even the models were for sale, in this case a Western Desert scene modeled by Ron Fry.
Sectioned Continental radial engine and transmission, ex Stuart. Pre-auction estimate:$800-$1200 Sale hammer price:$7k
A couple of engine failures.
Not part of the auction, this is the 6 pounder John bought at Corowa a couple of weeks ago, now almost finished. John added the barrel from his collection. This is a US International Harvester built example, and John was pleased the engineering was consistent with our Holden-built ones, commenting how everything lined up perfectly when replacing missing parts with Australian made ones. This one is also not in the auction - a Ford/Marmon-Herrington No3A gun tractor.