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MTM in 2001 John Belfield's album - White recovery. Staghounds in the 60s.
Guy Quad Ant remains, and the other more intact one in the museum. There are also a couple of pictures of a C60X in the museum.

2 pounder Tank Attack carrier Hull 6067. Pre-auction estimate:$3-6k Sale hammer price:$6.5k
2-pounder gun Pre-auction estimate:$6-12k Sale hammer price:$5,750
25 pounder Field Gun Pre-auction estimate:$6-9k Sale hammer price:$11k AC1 Tank
AC1 Sentinel Pre-auction estimate:$25-35k Sale hammer price:$55k AC3 Thunderbolt tank. Pre-auction estimate:$20-35k Sale hammer price:$22.5k
LVT-4 Buffalo Pre-auction estimate:$18-20k Sale hammer price:$34k
To the U.K.
LP2A M.G. Carrier Pre-auction estimate:$8-12k Sale hammer price:$19k
M24 Chaffee Pre-auction estimate:$20-40k Sale hammer price:$35k Churchill Mk. VII Pre-auction estimate:$30-60k Sale hammer price:$34k
BSA M20 Pre-auction estimate:$2k to 4k Sale hammer price:$ 18k
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