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MTM in 2001 John Belfield's album - White recovery. Staghounds in the 60s.
Guy Quad Ant remains, and the other more intact one in the museum. There are also a couple of pictures of a C60X in the museum.

Chevrolet C60X with No4 Breakdown bodywork. Pre-auction estimate:$2-4k Sale hammer price:$6k
Cushman Welbike Pre-auction estimate:$3-4k Sale hammer price:$5200 Diamond T 969A Wrecker. Pre-auction estimate:$16-22k Sale hammer price:$27k
Ford F60S with Holmes wrecker. This is not a genuine Holmes fitted truck. Pre-auction estimate:$6-12k Sale hammer price:$9k
Rusty but rare, an amphibious Jeep, or GPA. Pre-auction estimate:$20-30k Sale hammer price:$12k. This one went to the U.K.
Restored Austin Champ. Pre-auction estimate:$4-5k Sale hammer price:$4.5k
Studebaker US6. This is the vehicle John used with a platform on the back when erecting the shed. Pre-auction estimate:$7-12k Sale hammer price:$5k Jungle hand cart. Pre-auction estimate:$200-$400 Sale hammer price:$600
No 27 limber. Pre-auction estimate:$2-4k Sale hammer price:$7k Ford Lynx. Pre-auction estimate:$6-8k Sale hammer price:$27k
The Ferret Scout car behind - the estimate was $8k to $10k - hammer price: $40k
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