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MTM in 2001 John Belfield's album - White recovery. Staghounds in the 60s.
Guy Quad Ant remains, and the other more intact one in the museum. There are also a couple of pictures of a C60X in the museum.

At the end of March 2006 I went to see John Belfield to record the collection just before it was to be auctioned. It's one last opportunity to see one of Australia's great military collections intact.
John started the collection around 50 years ago with the purchase of a Standard Tilly which he and his wife Pat used as their daily transport for several years.
John and Pat's Standard utility. In the background is the ceremonial 25 pounder used for military funerals. This went for $4500 whilst the Tilly made $4k
Burma Dodge. Pre-auction estimate:$1-2k Sale hammer price:$2k This went to a buyer from the U.S.
Unrestored Morris C4 15cwt, ex Mulwala rural fire brigade. Pre-auction estimate:$2-4k Sale hammer price:$5.5k
Humber 1-ton 4x4 truck. Pre-auction estimate:$800-$1200 Sale hammer price:$3250
KB3 International KB3 Pre-auction estimate:$1.5-3k Sale hammer price:$1.5k Ford/Marmon-Herrington. 3-Ton 296T. Pre-auction estimate:$1-3k Sale hammer price:$1800
Nice restorable Ford F30 No2 ambulance. Pre-auction estimate:$1-3k Sale hammer price:$1100
Unrestored Fordson tractor as used on airfields for towing bomb trailers. Pre-auction estimate:$1-2k Sale hammer price:$1k
The Dodge went for $3000.
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