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Mark Sierant's Dodge Weapons Carriers      

Mark recently recovered these two Dodge Weapons Carriers from the Victorian High Country and he comments:

"Last weekend Robert Farmer from Yass and I mounted our most arduous Truck recovery into the Victorian High country with many miles spent in first gear climbing over the ranges with Dodges in tow. On return home I gave the trucks a clean out and found many interesting items under the trucks seats and thought that this may make an interesting topic for OLDCMP. I would also like some help in identifing one item and have include some photos for the site."

I agree, Mark this is an interesting topic indeed - I wonder what other gems people have found in their CMPs and other MVs when cleaning them out.

Mark's future Dodge driver.    
A view of items including 303 canvas speed clip Old Beer can and tins    
The mystery bag Mark would like to identify. Close up 303 pouch    
Sunset shot of the Dodge.