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Track failure was common and just possibly this may have been caused by the incorrect refitting of tracks through following the possibly incorrect instructions in the later manuals.  Given the wartime situation and the military ideology not to question but to follow orders, the situation perpetuated until the Carriers were phased out, and then it didn’t matter anymore.

As stated in the opening, restoration always leads to differing viewpoints.  The restorer must determine what point in the history of the vehicle is being represented, i.e. its time of manufacture or some time during its service history.  Care should also be taken upon which documentation to rely especially with the dates of writing.  For example with the Museum Carrier 2340 that was manufactured in 1941, the only relevant manual should be Pamphlet 7 as it was promulgated 1st June 1941 whereas its companion Workshop Manual was promulgated on 31st December 1941 at which time all 1941 Carriers had been built.


Mechanization Pamphlet No.6 - Carriers Machine Gun - LP No.1

Description, Maintenance, and Operation 1940

(Notified in A.A.O’s dated 30th November 1940)

Carriers, Machine Gun - L.P., Nos.2 & 2A – Description, Operation and Maintenance Mechanization Pamphlet No. 7 1941

(Notified in A.A.O’s dated 1st June 1941)

Carriers, Machine Gun - L.P., Nos.2 & 2A – Workshop Repair and Maintenance

Mechanization Pamphlet No. 7A 1941

(Notified in A.A.O’s dated 31st December 1941)

Carrier M.G. (Aust.) Instruction Book

(Notified in G.O.’s dated 31st July 1943)


Workshop Manual Carriers - M.G., 2 pdr. And 3” Mortar (Aust.)

(Undated but appears to be the complimentary volume to the 1943 Instruction Book)


Australian Military Equipment Profiles – Vol.2 Local Pattern Carriers 1939-1945 by Michael K. Cecil – Published 1992


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