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Morotai 1944-45

Morotai is located in what was then the Dutch East Indies and is part of the Halmahera Group. In the period shown the RAAF duties were mostly mopping up pockets of Japanese resistence on Morotai Island, McArthur having decided only US forces were to have the glory of liberating the Philippines. This policy led to much dissent amongst the Australians, some of whom staged a "mutiny" with several officers including Clive Caldwell handing in their resignations as officers (which of course they couldn't do).

Morotai was captured in mid September 1944 and it's parallel airstrips Wama and Pitoe were used by Kittyhawks, Spitfires, Beaufighters, Beauforts, Bostons, Mosquitoes and other aircraft. The US forces operated many different bomber and fighter aircraft including B17, B24, B26, P47, P51, P38.

These images come to us from an album held by the RSL Victorian Branch.

Aircraft index
Mosquito A52-92 Beaufighter lineup
Belly landed B-25 - note the RAAF aircraft in the background - Beaufighter on left and Beaufort on right. B25s
B25 "Whodunnit"
C47s and B24s Curtiss C46 Commando
Impressive lineup of RAAF P40 Kittyhawks Note the drop tanks. The nearest aircraft, a P40N was delivered February 1945 and originally wore the US serial 44-47794. It was struck off charge November 1948. Kittyhawks of 81 wing arrived in March and April 1945. Douglas A20G of the 417th BG, 5th AF.
B17 Fortress P47D Thunderbolts.
OA-10 Catalinas of the 3rd Rescue Squadron, 5th AF. Avro York, belonging to the Duke of Gloucester who was the Australian Govenor-General at the time. This aircraft was involved in the repatriation of Australian prisoners-of-war. Navigator was P/O John Gordon Earl.
P61 Black Widow. Australian Catalina with Mosquitos.