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Mitch Holland's photographs

I met Mitch Holland at Corowa during the Year of the Blitz in 2002. Mitch owns an F15 which he and co-owner Shorty drove from the Blue Mountains to Corowa.
4 pictures of the F15 in as purchased.      
Mitch took this picture in 1985 in a Cairns caravan park. It is in fact a Chevrolet CGT #8 which has somehow escaped the scrapman's torch. The box on the running board comes from a wireless truck. The ammunition locker doors are open, and the truck was being used as a camper. See a 2002 pic of this truck in Brisbane Looks like another gun tractor; and possibly this has been built on a CGT chassis, but the body is in fact fabricated. Looks like it's had an engine swap as well. Mitch took this pic in Mackay in 1985.
Chevrolet C15 (or C15A) seen in a paddock West of Broken Hill. C60L Workshop belonging to an AMVCS member.
Bigfoot, a much modified C60L used to haul tourists up Mount Coolangatta near Shoalhaven Heads, NSW. Photograph dates from 1998. Very original winch-equipped C60L Fire Tender This was on a property Mitch used to shoot on at Sofala, NSW. Since this picture was taken in the early 1980s Mitch has lost track of it. He was particularly interested in it as it had only 3000 miles on the clock.
Restored C60L belonging to an unknown AMVCS member photographed at the 1988 bicentennial airshow at RAAF Richmond base. Restored C15A Wireless with original tyres photographed in 1979 at a car show. Mitch had initially gone to see the Jeeps, and eventually bought and restored one. In July 2002 I was contacted by Bruce Peelgrane, a former owner of this truck. To quote Bruce: "In 1978 I was able to purchase a truck the same as this, ex Baulkam Hills shire council, originating from Sth. Maroota BFB. It was very original and complete with just 8,000 miles showing which upon checking was found to be correct. I put the van on full rego and drove it around for some time before selling it and not long after that seeing it at Canterbury Racecourse restored very nicely around mid 1979.
Typical C60L yard crane in derelict condition photographed near Newnes, NSW in 1978. Restored C15 belonging at the time to Brian Bell (now deceased) which he drove in the "Back to the Track" event.