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Miscellaneous vehicles

The CMP Chevrolet front axle is evident and the thing on the rear may have been a Coles crane once, but can anyone shed any light on the rest of it? Photographed on a tour of Hepburn Shire, September 2001.      
Renault R35 tank, pic taken in Syria, 1941.      
I found this matchbox quite by chance in Greece in 1977 depicting a C8A ambulance (HUA) in rugged Greek terrain.      

From the UK comes this former CGT, now restored in it's wartime configuration as a mobile crane. An unusual feature is the fibreglass replica cab which was fitted at the original conversion.

Owner Simon Skelton comments:

"she is from 43/44 roughly. around 20 of the cgt models were purchased in the early 50's and 10 were converted to mobile cranes, used extensively in the UK erecting "Tyler" farm buildings. All the original metalwork of the cab was removed and was used to make fibre glass moulds, certain strong lines of the old Chev still stand out :-) My Chev has stood in the corner of a farmers field for some years and was in a "not good" condition when I found her. The lattice jib which "Tylers" fabricated had laid in a stream for about 5 years and metal moth and moved in and built a home, but with a lot of hard work and dirty faces we managed to get her back to how she would have looked after her conversion in the early 50's. I hope it doesnt get frowned upon by some of the die hard CMP enthusiasts out there, it would be nice to take her to the odd military show but I am not sure what sort of reception I might get :-) after the war people had to make do with what they had available, at least she isnt rusting away never to be remembered "

Simon has published a few images showing the before and after...

Page 72 from "Soldiering on" an Australian Army publication of 1942      
New 25 pounder wheel nuts.      
Interesting 1949 shot of Portland Roads Jetty with 3 sunshine roof CMP cab 13s and a cab 12. Those were the days! Thanks to Graeme McDonald for sending this shot. This interesting shot came from the Bandiana Army Museum of a Ford CMP undergoing a wheel alignment.