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An unusual late production F60L

At first look this seems to be a normal if somewhat battered F60L. Max Hedges of Yass has been collecting these trucks for some time now and he trucked this one home in March 2002.

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Max's collection

It has all the late production features including the bulge in the bonnet. The truck has been fitted with a winch.
The truck has some very artistic damage.
The first thing I noticed was this hook on the rear of the front spring hangars, presumably for anchoring Scotches when winching. In August 2002 Max located another late Ford with the same hook.
Lower left view reveals a F15 type gearbox cross member which has an adaptation for the front drive shaft.
The cross member has been riveted into place, but the truck has two handbrakes, possibly as replacement parts. A most sensible way to mount the gearbox as the engine does not need to be removed to replace a clutch plate.