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 A much modified C15A Wireless truck      
I first saw this vehicle around 1973 not long after Graeme Mcintosh first converted it from a C15A signals van. Since then it's gont through a variety of engines and configurations.
Tony Wheeler and I rode our bicycles many miles to visit Graeme and take these photographs. Here Tony examines the fit of the Dodge V8 in the lengthened engine bay. Also evident is the original body which has been cut down into a utility format. 12.00 20 trres have been fitted along with a 2 speed transfer case and winch.
Graeme had a testing track running the perimiter of his parents market garden which was huge fun for all. Note also the Jeep.
See the truck in it's current (2002) form...
Early shot while it still had it's 6 cylinder Chevrolet engine. Rear rims
Sad remains of the original body chiseled off to make a "ute" Colour was the post-war deep bronze green.
When they initially cut the body off they had it standing vertical. On noticing a foul smell one day they found a vagrant man had taken shelter and died in there.
See the same truck in 2003 in Corowa