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Chevrolet MB-C1 images


Most CMP enthusiasts are familiar with the Ford and Chevrolet workshop manuals,
but have you ever wondered where the original type photographs came from? See also images of the cab 11 C8 taken at the same place.

It was the snow left unretouched on the wheel which gave the game away... The retouchers must have spent a considerable amount of time deep etching these photographs - and all without Photoshop!

The original picture of the C15 was taken at Oshawa outside the prototype section of the factory.

Below is another shot of the same truck. These originals came from the General Motors of Canada album of army vehicles rescued by Brian Gough.

Chevrolet CGT Field Artillery Tractor. The wartime artist has softened the shadows near the back of the cab and removed other elements considered distracting like the mirror shadow. They've also cleaned up the tyres.

This photo was taken in almost the same spot as the C15 above (note building) but in summer. One would assume these to be pilot models.