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The house the F60L built      
In 2002, shortly after the Year of the Blitz rally in Corowa, I sold my beloved F60L to Matt Boyle who has made it his main work tool in his building business.      
This is the house the blitz built. Matt Boyle has modified the F60L, adding a hydraulic crane driven from the power take-off. It not only carried most of the materials to the site but also stood all the poles up and lifted timber and iron onto the roof. Matt loves the blitz and it has enabled him to make lots of friends in the Castlemaine area.    
The reach of the crane is impressive, some 12 meters. Matt has converted the truck to 12 volt operation as well as fitting 12.00 20 road tyres. He finds third gear about right to run the pump.      
Matt at the controls... ...lifting a large gas bottle.    
Some have likened Matt to film character "Yahoo Serious".