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Ford F60L Mach-M1 Mk 11, Camp Borden, Ontario


In February 2001 I visited Camp Borden with Geoff Winnington Ball where we were kindly shown around by Fred Olsen, a volunteer who acts as a guide and archivist in his spare time. One of the vehicles in the museum is this almost unused (1705 miles) F60L Mach -M1. It's a very late production vehicle and displays some features not seen on Australian produced CMPs.

Due to it's originality I photographed it in some detail, mainly to show some of the radio bonding straps.

Data plates mounted on drivers door. I've seen Aussie doors drilled for them but have never seen a data plate on any. I have seen the equivalent to this on a gun tractor mounted on the dash.      
The bakelite doorknob - missing from all Australian trucks I've seen. Many Fords in Australia had a simple twist in the handle. Removable upper radiator bar was a feature of very late production and was a good idea to assist in engine removals.    
Right hand mirror bracket showing strap to front shell. The cab frame appears to have been cut and welded here. Slightly lower and on the left. showing strap to door.    
Both sides of the grille.      

Crank handle hole in front of the grille. The crank handle bracket has been broken.

Bonding straps to radiator overflow tank and splash guard.    
Another couple of features not seen on Australian production. Round roof hatch... ...and reversed windscreen wiper. Note folded in section on roof frame to accommodate.