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 Jon Lockley Collection      
In December 2004 Jon Lockley send me some pictures of his collection of CMPs, one of which is particularly interesting.
Jon bought this C60L from a sawmill at Kyogle in New South Wales in the mid 1980s. He mentioned it had an ammo box on the left hand side and this aroused my curiosity. It also has Canadian front fairleads as used on gun tractors. Note the "Blitz" badge on the grille.
It's this rear view which is revealing. What seems most likely is the mill has purchased a surplus CGT for parts and used the winch and cab on this C60L chassis. The cab has been transplanted from a CGT No8, which has had the chop in the usual place, and what look like the original rear body panels tacked on to form a back to the cab. Jon is going to do a bit of investigative work to see whether there is still an ARN present on the front shell.
Another C60L being delivered to Jon's place. He rescued it from the scrappie just in time. Jon notes the engine has had the sump blown off in an apparent petrol buildup.
The crawler is interesting too. Jon says it's called a Lloyd and it was made up from Carrier parts after the war, using a shortened rear axle. It is powered by a sidevalve V8. The ARN is 64591, and traces of the original camo are visible.
Jon also owns this engineless C15.
This C15A based "bitza" was powered by a Chrysler Valiant engine and used the Valiant instrument cluster as well. It was passed in at a clearing sale near Barraba for $1600.
This F60L with a semi-trailer was photographed in the early 1950s, loaded with wood for the Tingha Hospital wood parade. It belonged to Edgar Arentz if Tingha. The family operated a garage there and until around 1970 used Ford CMPs as tow trucks.
A 1938 Ford truck still in the family. The picture was taken in 1950 at Tingha. The family purchased it in 1940. Jon owns it today.