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 A Low mileage F60S      
In Lithgow there is a very low mileage Ford F60S. Originally a RAAF radar truck, this was bought for a rural fire brigade and then not used.
The owner does not want to sell it.
Still sporting original pattern tyres this is quite a gem, although the years in the weather have taken their toll. The build date is early 1945. The original khaki paint can be seen under the RAAF colour.
Amazingly it's aluminium rear number plate was still there and has been preserved by the owner.
Original mileage - 04830. The general tightness of the vehicle and completeness attest to this. Late production pattern canvas gearshift boot.
Both fuel tanks had identical patches - their purpose a mystery. The liklihood is it once had the same body as this example sold in 2001 in Bandiana.