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Maple Leaf UP!

Also the MLU Forum, THE worldwide meeting place for anyone interested in Commonwealth military history from WW2

Convoy Magazine

The essential magazine for anyone interested in Canadian and Commonwealth military history. A companion publication of Maple Leaf Up. Go there. Subscribe!

Alex Blair

You'll find military manuals here, including most of the CMP range. Alex is based in Canada.



Phil Waterman's CMP Site

Phil tells the story of Beauty and the Beast, a pair of CMP trucks in New Hampshire in the U.S. and now he has added a C60L cab 12 to the collection.

CMP Information Site

An excellent site run by Canadian Jeff Caldwell.

Rob Groves makes reproduction parts for Carriers and CMPs and has a great site.

Eric Delcomemme's CMP Site

Eric lives in Belgium and is an active collector and restorer with several HUP vehicles, although his site has been static for some time.

Hanno Spoelstra hails from Holland and is a CMP expert.
Made in Canada is the title of his excellent site

Anzac Steel features an interesting article by Laurie Wright on camouflage in WW2
Sten Boye Poulsen's C15TA site.
Sten has a very long association with the C15TA, having driven them in the Danish army in the 1960s

Rod Diery's CMP Site

Claimed as the first CMP site on the net, Rod, from Western Australia has laboured to include much technical information on CMP vehicles. His site has been static for some time.

Rod has recently added quite a few images to his site. Have a look at the wrecks section.

Also have a look at the restorations section

De Canadian Military Pattern. ('De pekinees'). A Dutch CMP site with a few photos and information (in Dutch).  
Returned and Services League of Australia

Information relating to the Victorian branch of the RSL who have kindly made their archives available to this site.

A.A.C.V.M, an association of collectors in Argentina who have a number of CMPs in their collection. CMPs are present in some numbers in that country. Their website is in Spanish.
They are an enthusiastic bunch who obviously enjoy their hobby.

Here are some more pictures from Argentina

New Zealand Military Vehicle Collectors club A great site the other side of the Tasman  
Jon Rogers has a site specialising in trailers but he also has a section on Australian Army vehicle TAC signs. There is at least one pic of a CMP, a C8AX in New Zealand.
A huge resource for Chevrolet fans, full of humour.
The Defence Transport Heritage of Tasmania provides a forum for persons interested in restoring, preserving, using and displaying ex military vehicles in Tasmania
Victorian Military Vehicles Corps is one of the oldest MV clubs around. I was a member in the 1970s.
WW2 Radio site with a page of CMPs for sale
Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum
Penrith fire museum - a preserved C60L

Temora Aviation Museum

Located about an hour from Wagga in New South Wales this museum is a must for all military aviation enthusiasts. The collection includes Australia's only flying Spitfire as well as more modern aircraft such as Meteor, Canberra and two A37 Dragonflies, all airworthy.
They hold monthly flying weekends which are awesome!

  David Irving is an artist who illustrates Military Vehicles - have a look at his excellent work - click on the military link.
Darwin's East Point Military Museum
Dubbo Military Museum
MVCSSA 252 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, South Australia 5015.
VMVC website The online home of the Victorian Military Vehicles Corps
The Military Vehicle Trust, U.K. One of the largest clubs in the United Kingdom.