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U.S. (380th BG) and Australian B-24 operations in the South West Pacific area


See also the restoration overview, panoramic images, nose art 1 and 2
Ed Sheck's father's photographs from 528 Squadron.

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That's me on the left with Ed Crabtree, the last man to fly the B-24 seen under restoration in the background. The aircraft is being restored to static display by the B-24 Memorial Fund in Werribee, Victoria. Ed and the Liberator feature in a TV documentary we're making called "Private Battles, Fading Tales" Ed in 1944    

380th BG B24 with RAAF Mk8 Spitfire. B24 serial appears to be 273481. Looks like the first numerals have been painted over.

Ed's logbook noting the victory. Ed said he followed it all the way down.
Ed Crabtree was co-pilot of a US B-24 which shot down this Nick aircraft. Not the Nick, but the result of a Liberator crash.
B-24D Gus's Bus inflight and below after crash landing at Fenton, Northern Territory. This shot taken as the aircraft slid along the runway.
Note the Dodge Command Car. See also Dodge page.
Dramatic image of RAAF B-24 on fire. B24J Note the two Japanese flags below cockpit window.
Ed told me the story behind this photograph. Apparently this aircraft had hit wake turbulence from another Liberator and went down in a spin, but moments after this picture was taken managed to pull out and return to base with the wings bent several degrees. They were shot down about 5 missions later. B24J above target.
Another very dramatic picture, this time taken by Ed's Squadron Leader Capt. Gus Connery (see hsi aircraft above) as they shot down this "Tabby" - a Japanese built DC3. It was reportedly carrying a Japanese General. Date: August 20th 1943. Location: Kolara, Celebes.