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 Tiger Moths at Lee-on-Solent      
In 2004 I visited the UK and was taken to Lee-on-Solent, a former Fleet Air Arm airfield where several collections of warbirds are now held. See also Thorney Island.
Driving around from the entry gate is this Catalina. Note the WW2 hangars in the background.
Just in front of the Cat is this C47 G-DAKK.
A profusion of Moths. This one is co-owned by Phil Shaw, whom I met in Temora flying their Canberra. In addition to his day job flying for a British airline, Phil gets to fly many historic aircraft such as Gnat, Hunter, Jet Provost and Seafire to name just a few.
Not a Tiger but a Gipsy Moth.
Tiger Moth under construction. The hangar is also home to this Piper Cub.
The unusual loooking fillets are anti-spin strakes.