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 A late production F15A      
John Ledoux (I hope I have his name correctly spelt) is a perfectionist when it comes to restorations. He's also an engineer, and everything in this vehicle has been attanded to. Where something wasn't quite up to scratch, it was either repaired, replaced, or fabricated.
So this F15A is quite a special vehicle in more than one way.
John Ledoux, from Bairnsdale in Eastern Victoria. The vehicle is one of the quietest on the road.
This is the other unusual feature - the build date of March 1947 is highly irregular, as is the WD in the nomenclature. Contract E52-380 appears to be an Australian contract, as at least one other data plate has been seen.
Both doors have been reskinned. Major parts of the roof have been replaced and a new hatch fabricated.
Much of the roof is new, including the bracing strap. It has a large number of new spot welds. Overflow tank has been fabricated from stainless steel using the fuel tank end as a reference.
The body is new from the floor up, with the exception of the valance boxes. All seals and bearings have been replaced.
In addition to reskinning the outer doors, John has made a new lower hinge "very difficult", and rebushed all the hinges by drilling them out, placing a fire brick underneath, pouring new bronze in, then drilling and reaming to size.