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PBY Catalina A24-30 at Lake Boga

Located just south of Swan Hill in Northern Victoria is Lake Boga which during WW2 was 1 Flying Boat Repair Depot. Although the main aircraft was the Catalina the base was also home to other types such as Martin Mariners, Sunderlands and even the elderly Dornier flying Boats once part of the Dutch East Indies force.
The site was chosen because of it's location well away from the coast and it operated initially in secrecy repairing and servicing flying boats.
Now all that remains is a museum and, remarkably an almost complete Catalina.
The ADF Serials Website lists the history of this Catalina: "A24-30 33 USN 2305 20 Sqn 19/10/42. 3 OTU 27/2/43. Sold to Kingsford-Smith 3/10/46. Located in park near Catalina Museum at Lake Boga, Swan Hill VIC."
The Cat was rescued from a farm some years ago and restored for static display.

More interesting information comes from a Dutch Catalina website operated by Marc Commandeur: "Found on a Dutch Catalina website: "Lake Boga; This is a PBY-5 of sorts. This plane is Patrol Wing TEN's former #46 - a hybrid put together during the last days on Java from the good wing and engines of the Wing's #12 - (PBY-5 BuNo. 2305, ex-22-P-12) and the still intact hull of the discarded as irreparable Dutch Y 72. This assembly was made by mechanics of the Wing, possibly with some Dutch assistance and flown out to Australia. It remained serviceable and was later transferred to the RAAF for overhaul and further service, and reserialed A24-30."

Admission is $5.00 for adults and the museum can be contacted at (03) 5037 2850.
The ADF serials site has information on a Martin Mariner.

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The Catalina is difficult to photograph in it's entirety, so I used the digital camera to make these panoramic images.
The Catalina lacks engines, but has the cowlings and props in place to maintain the correct profile. It is an impressive aircraft.
Map of the wartime site in the museum showing the location of the museum.
Mooring points on the starboard side.
Museum interior is well laid out and contains interesting displays.
Wireless sets.      
Interesting shot taken in the 1940s by Bruce Wiltshire