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FGT #8 recovery, Ringwood Timber 1973


This is a body I found at Ringwood Timber and Trading Company in 1973. In those days my means of transport was a pushbike which I rode from my home in Box Hill North.
I asked the owner of the timberyard, a Mr. Coopersmith if I could have the relic and to my surprise he agreed, glad to be rid of this useless bit of junk. The wreck came with it's crew doors and under the paint on the rear door was it's army registration. 132748.

In 1977 when I embarked on a two year world trip I gave this truck to Peter Growse who still has it.

In October 2002 Max Hedges researched the records at the Australian War Memorial and cazme up with this information:

"VB 132748 FORD TRACTOR 3 TON FD ARTY AUST 8" Then two engine numbers are listed: 3G477617F and 3G72383F Then G54/253/55 GT 1942 101 Tyre 10.50-20"

ON the left page: "W/0 Boys VP/R21 3BOD 13-5-65
G83/M498/1 LIST MGO/3BOD/GPI/R28/ 8/6/63

That's it - possibly the date in 1965 was the date it was withdrawn from use. Interesting to see how much it has changed in the 7 or so years until I saw it.

Ringwood Timber had at least 3 FGTs - most of the parts from this one including the chassis had been stored in a shed so possibly this on was dismantled as a parts source for the others.

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Bert Barker departs Ringwood Timber & Trading Co, Winter, 1973

Bert Barker prepares the Jinker for loading.

This pic was taken much later after the body was picked up by Peter Growse. The rust has taken a serious hold...

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