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Cliff Hutchings visited the late Ken Hughes collection for the last time in June 2004 and kindly took these images for us. Cliff is a modeller and many of these are detail pics for reference.

The scrap merchants are due to crush these vehicles this month.

C15A heads this row of 10 CMPs, mostly Chevs. Chevs.
C15 wireless. Bofors body for a C60S-based LP6 artillery tractor.
Ford F30 Ambulance. Restorable when this picture was taken, it's days are numbered. Ford F60S fitted with Gar Wood winch.
C60L (centre) flanked by Fords. C60L with reasonably good doors.
Spare wheel carrier and original dropside body on this C60L.
More scenes. Truck on it's side is a C60L.
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